Happy Medium Theatre and Argos Productions Present: Lifers

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Award-winning fringe companies Argos Productions (Argos) and Happy Medium Theatre (HMT) come together for a co-production of Lifers by John Shea and Maureen Cornell. Heading up the production is Boston director, IRNE Award nominated Brett Marks (Windowmen, Boston Playwrights’ Theatre). The production runs for three weeks (March 20th-April 4th, 2015) at the Boston Playwrights’ Theatre at 949 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA 02215.


About the Production:

Lifers by John Shea and Maureen Cornell takes place in Boston in 2004, just as the smoking ban is about to go into effect in Massachusetts. And no one is feeling the hurt like the staff at this local restaurant. Winfield, the new guy with no previous work experience, finds himself in over his head as the restaurant prepares to rebrand itself to attract new and more affluent clientele. As Sherry, newly promoted to manager, tries to whip the staff into shape for the re-launch, the wait staff (and surly cook) struggle to find their footing as change is swirling around them. With the restaurant’s future on the line, tempers flare, plates are broken, and buttons come undone.





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