Language of Angels by Naomi Iizuka

HMT kicks off our sixth season with Language of Angels by Naomi Iizuka. This is the FINAL show to ever be performed in The Factory Theatre and is certainly not one to be missed.

LanguageLanguage of Angels by Naomi Iizuka is a haunting tale that begins in a cave on the edge of a rural North Carolina town, where a young girl once went missing. One of nine friends is responsible for her death, yet her ghostly, echoed cries will haunt each of them forever. Iizuka weaves together the parallel paths each friend takes that lead to their own tragic fates. Her ghost story morphs into a multi-layered musing on grief, loss, guilt and karma, and the elusive truth behind the missing girl’s life and death reveals itself one piece at a time. Hidden beneath the scary, mysterious exterior, Language of Angels is ultimately a touching and deeply heartfelt play. As the surviving friends come to terms with their own mortality, they must also face the truth about their childhood and the regret and guilt their mistakes have caused them.